What is a Water Softener and why do I Need One?

Having trouble with the hard water? Wish to solve the problem but unsure about purchasing a Water Softener? We will help you out with explaining the working of this amazing unit. Let’s begin with the basic definition and the mechanism that works in a softener system.

What is a Water Softener and why do I Need One?

Water Softeners are those wonder machines which softens the hard water. Not everyone gets hard water at their place, but if you have it, then a softener can be set up for converting the hard water into soft water.

What is a Water Softener

The hard water is not dangerous for human health, but it still got many ill effects on many other things. Many parts of the U.S have hard water supply only, in such case you will need a softener compulsorily. This type of water mainly affects the plumbing section, and even wears most of the water-dependent appliances used at home.

Even the soap and water won’t easily mix well if you have got hard water. Same goes with the detergent, and thus you will have to use more of the powder for cleaning clothes. Till now, I used many products and loved the fleck water softener reviews which will make you fall in love for it.

Giving a short definition for Water Softeners-

Softeners are those machines which converts the hard water to soft water. Hard minerals which includes calcium and magnesium are replaced with sodium ions. You can install it for a single as well as whole house system.

How would I know – Water is Hard or Not?

A water softener on an average lasts for more than 20 years if maintained well.

There is a simple test which you can try by yourself for knowing if the water is hard or not. Take an empty bottle; any plastic bottle will do (just the interior should be visible from outside). Fill the bottle with water upto half of the measurement.

Into the water, add some drops of soap solution, and then shake it roughly. Keep the shaking on for some time. Take a note on the condition of the bottle. If the soap has created foams above the water, and both of them are in a separate form; then this means the water is soft.

If the soap is mixed with the water giving you a cloudy solution, then this is the clear sign that Water is Hard!

Should I buy a Water Softener for my home?

We will quickly list some of the factors which should be checked first. This will help you in understanding whether you require a water softener or not. They are given below:

Do a Water Bill study 

The conduction of heat is difficult in hard water as the calcium does not allow the heat to pass easily. Thus the heater is required to put in more efforts, which affects the bill significantly. So, if you find any sudden increase in the water bill, then chances are that the water is hard.

Home Appliances

Home Appliances

There are many machines which make use of water; water filter, washing machine, refrigerator, etc. With the constant use of hard water, the overall lifespan of these machines decreases. Thus, the units wear out faster than the expected time.

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Skin and Hair condition 

If you find the need to buy expensive hair care products recently, then the main problem creator will be the water itself. Hard water dries up the skin, and you may feel some itchy sensation too. All these are the clear signs that the water at your place is hard.


Hard water creates a limescale build up on most of the plumbing components. Check on the taps, and you may even find white scales in the interior portion of the utensils. All these are the Hard water signs.

Hope you guys are clear on the concept of Hard Water by now. You can share your doubts or any other query by commenting below. Follow our page CourtnayLodgeHotel for receiving our cool feeds!