Why You Need to Take a Close Look At Your Dog’s Food

It’s surprising to me when people come up to me and ask why should I consider or take a close look at what my dog is eating? Let’s replace this question, and put ourselves in place of the dogs. Now would you consider what you are eating? Is it harmful, healthy or allergic to you? – Of course, we do look into that. 

So, what about your pets? Is it not necessary to be considerate on their diet. It’s high time! We have the answer on why you should.

Why You Need to Take a Close Look At Your Dog’s Food

All organisms on the planet need nutrients, and they provide the energy and enables you in performing functions. It mainly helps with the fact of survival, isn’t it? But when it comes to dogs, you need to be more careful and considerate.

Look At Your Dog's Food

Things or Factors that you must check while Deciding the Dog Food:

  1. Age
  2. Food Allergies
  3. Dog Breed and Size
  4. Dry or the Canned Food
  5. Feeding Time
  6. Easily digestible
  7. Content details on the Dog Food Label

There you go! The above-listed points should be the main focus when you are shopping for the Dog Food. Starting from their age, allergies, breed type and the size of the pet.

Then comes the type of Dog Food, Dry Dog Food, and the Canned food. Study both the types, and see which one works for your pet. There are various trusted dog food brands that are available in the market, so getting them won’t be a big trouble. Similarly, consider the feeding time, the digestible nature of the food, and also read the contents of the food label!

Why should you Consider these factors? 

This is because even Dogs like us need nutrients, and that is only possible if we are considerate about their diet. Following are some of the important Nutrients that should be present in the Dog’s Food:

  • Water

Simply filter out the tap water, and provide to your pet. Almost 70-80% of the body mass of a mature dog constitutes of water. So, make sure they are fed with the adequate amount of water along with food.

  • Fat

This is for all the power and energy needed to pass on the day. Fish-oil and all the plant-based oil are some good sources.

  • Protein

For the necessary amino acids required for the normal functioning of the body. Fish, Meat, Eggs, Beans, and Lentils are the right sources for it.

So, these are the Essential Nutrients that should be present along with the Vitamins, Carbs, and Minerals. Hope the article served you right with your doubts and queries!