4 Simple Remedies To Tackle Constipation

Constipation has become too normal these days, while some of you consider it as a routine thing. I know we all are at blame for our modern lifestyle and the irregular meal timings has resulted in the rise of the constipation cases. Some of the known reasons include eating junk food, smoking, alcohol dependency, and even overeating.

Tips to Cure Constipation


Tips for Curing Constipation at Home

According to one report by the NIDDK (National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Disorder), around 4 million Americans have constipation trouble. It can be linked out to other points like –

  • Less fiber in your meal
  • Facing stress or grief
  • Low amount of liquid in your food

Following are some of the tried and tested tips for fighting the constipation problem. They are as follows:

Update Your Diet

You may have to cut down on all the greasy and cheesy foods right now! If you have started a new weight-loss regime, then make sure you keep a close check on what’s going inside your stomach. One of the common reasons for constipation is unhealthy food habits. Even too much of the caffeine is not recommended.

Baking Soda May Work for You

You read it, baking soda will defuse the acid inside the stomach and help the food to pass out the body quickly. For the usage, take 1 teaspoon of baking soda, and 1/4 cup of warm water. Mix both of these well, and drink it.

Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle with Regular Exercise

This one’s the coolest option, but something we all like to skip out – exercise. It’s the best solution out of all for pinning out constipation in one go. Jogging, running, bicycling or any form of physical exertion keeps a check on the condition of the bowel movement.

Try the Low FODMAP-Diet

This is for those who have IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), you can follow the low FODMAP diet. In this type of diet, you need to cut down or limit the intake of foods with high FODMAP value. FODMAP stands for Fermentable Oligosaccharides, Disaccharides, Monosaccharides and Polyols. You will be advised to limit some foods for a period of time, which will let you know the main culprit behind the bowel troubles.

Also, kindly note here – just following the low FODMAP won’t be enough for IBS condition.

Why You Need to Take a Close Look At Your Dog’s Food

It’s surprising to me when people come up to me and ask why should I consider or take a close look at what my dog is eating? Let’s replace this question, and put ourselves in place of the dogs. Now would you consider what you are eating? Is it harmful, healthy or allergic to you? – Of course, we do look into that. 

So, what about your pets? Is it not necessary to be considerate on their diet. It’s high time! We have the answer on why you should.

Why You Need to Take a Close Look At Your Dog’s Food

All organisms on the planet need nutrients, and they provide the energy and enables you in performing functions. It mainly helps with the fact of survival, isn’t it? But when it comes to dogs, you need to be more careful and considerate.

Look At Your Dog's Food

Things or Factors that you must check while Deciding the Dog Food:

  1. Age
  2. Food Allergies
  3. Dog Breed and Size
  4. Dry or the Canned Food
  5. Feeding Time
  6. Easily digestible
  7. Content details on the Dog Food Label

There you go! The above-listed points should be the main focus when you are shopping for the Dog Food. Starting from their age, allergies, breed type and the size of the pet.

Then comes the type of Dog Food, Dry Dog Food, and the Canned food. Study both the types, and see which one works for your pet. There are various trusted dog food brands that are available in the market, so getting them won’t be a big trouble. Similarly, consider the feeding time, the digestible nature of the food, and also read the contents of the food label!

Why should you Consider these factors? 

This is because even Dogs like us need nutrients, and that is only possible if we are considerate about their diet. Following are some of the important Nutrients that should be present in the Dog’s Food:

  • Water

Simply filter out the tap water, and provide to your pet. Almost 70-80% of the body mass of a mature dog constitutes of water. So, make sure they are fed with the adequate amount of water along with food.

  • Fat

This is for all the power and energy needed to pass on the day. Fish-oil and all the plant-based oil are some good sources.

  • Protein

For the necessary amino acids required for the normal functioning of the body. Fish, Meat, Eggs, Beans, and Lentils are the right sources for it.

So, these are the Essential Nutrients that should be present along with the Vitamins, Carbs, and Minerals. Hope the article served you right with your doubts and queries!

What is a Water Softener and why do I Need One?

Having trouble with the hard water? Wish to solve the problem but unsure about purchasing a Water Softener? We will help you out with explaining the working of this amazing unit. Let’s begin with the basic definition and the mechanism that works in a softener system.

What is a Water Softener and why do I Need One?

Water Softeners are those wonder machines which softens the hard water. Not everyone gets hard water at their place, but if you have it, then a softener can be set up for converting the hard water into soft water.

What is a Water Softener

The hard water is not dangerous for human health, but it still got many ill effects on many other things. Many parts of the U.S have hard water supply only, in such case you will need a softener compulsorily. This type of water mainly affects the plumbing section, and even wears most of the water-dependent appliances used at home.

Even the soap and water won’t easily mix well if you have got hard water. Same goes with the detergent, and thus you will have to use more of the powder for cleaning clothes. Till now, I used many products and loved the fleck water softener reviews which will make you fall in love for it.

Giving a short definition for Water Softeners-

Softeners are those machines which converts the hard water to soft water. Hard minerals which includes calcium and magnesium are replaced with sodium ions. You can install it for a single as well as whole house system.

How would I know – Water is Hard or Not?

A water softener on an average lasts for more than 20 years if maintained well.

There is a simple test which you can try by yourself for knowing if the water is hard or not. Take an empty bottle; any plastic bottle will do (just the interior should be visible from outside). Fill the bottle with water upto half of the measurement.

Into the water, add some drops of soap solution, and then shake it roughly. Keep the shaking on for some time. Take a note on the condition of the bottle. If the soap has created foams above the water, and both of them are in a separate form; then this means the water is soft.

If the soap is mixed with the water giving you a cloudy solution, then this is the clear sign that Water is Hard!

Should I buy a Water Softener for my home?

We will quickly list some of the factors which should be checked first. This will help you in understanding whether you require a water softener or not. They are given below:

Do a Water Bill study 

The conduction of heat is difficult in hard water as the calcium does not allow the heat to pass easily. Thus the heater is required to put in more efforts, which affects the bill significantly. So, if you find any sudden increase in the water bill, then chances are that the water is hard.

Home Appliances

Home Appliances

There are many machines which make use of water; water filter, washing machine, refrigerator, etc. With the constant use of hard water, the overall lifespan of these machines decreases. Thus, the units wear out faster than the expected time.

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Skin and Hair condition 

If you find the need to buy expensive hair care products recently, then the main problem creator will be the water itself. Hard water dries up the skin, and you may feel some itchy sensation too. All these are the clear signs that the water at your place is hard.


Hard water creates a limescale build up on most of the plumbing components. Check on the taps, and you may even find white scales in the interior portion of the utensils. All these are the Hard water signs.

Hope you guys are clear on the concept of Hard Water by now. You can share your doubts or any other query by commenting below. Follow our page CourtnayLodgeHotel for receiving our cool feeds!